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I Did it with MS. Simplicity - Organizing Fargo

I enter with no judgment; I leave with no stories. Professional Organizer, Fargo, North Dakota

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Melissa is one of the best organizers I have ever worked with. She donated her time to FMCT last Friday and made a world of difference. Today however - her voice is stuck in my head - Why do you need that piece of paper there - Doesn't that look better - do you need to keep that or can you recycle it.

If you need someone to get you out of your mess, Melissa Schmalenberger is the Organizer to Call! Thanks from all of us at FMCT!

My husband and I were working on ideas for remodeling our kitchen. We spent hours trying to figure out what could go where and how to get the best plan for our money.

I had met Melissa previously and was aware of her organizational skills. I thought it may be a good idea to see what she had to say before making any changes, so we decided to give her a call.

She drove down to the lake and spent time listening and talking with us.We went through each cupboard and drawer in the kitchen and talked about possibilities.She was full of ideas. She really took time to think things though and gave us some very sound and useable ideas.

One of our biggest issues with our kitchen was the lack of a desk area to put the children’sschool, church and sports papers.All the miscellaneous pieces of paperworkand mail that comes with family life needed a home besides on the countertop. Melissa really understood what we were after. We absolutely love the idea she came up. She suggested we addedan information center into the other side of breakfast peninsula. We had a spot at the end of the peninsulathat didn’t have a stool. It turned out to be an extremely handy location for the info center.The top drawer is for pencils and personnel phone books. Below it each member of the family has a drawer all his or her own. We love it! There are so many things we love about our new kitchen, but this is one of my favorite features.Thank you so much for your great help, Melissa !


Your help was so valuable. I'm able to keep my studio with a general sense of organization. It has to get messy to be creative, but you really put a lot of care into my project, and I'm able to get it organized again. You will be my first call when I want help again.


Happy client

Dear Melissa,


Thanks to you, I am on my way to achieving my 2009 New Years resolution - organizing my home!


Thank you for helping me transform my home office from piles of projects, kid’s schedules and office supplies to an orderly, efficient system of files, labels and drawer organizers!Your ideas, tips and organizational expertise helped me re-prioritize the function of my office.


Thanks to your firm (and kind) encouragement to purge a lot of dated material, I have more space in my office than I ever dreamed of having!


Thank you for rolling up your sleeves and helping me with this endeavor. You have proved to me that organizing and cleaning can actually be fun! Now we need to schedule my next project - organizing my storage room!

With Warm Regards,

Vicki S.

Melissa is an amazing resource on so many topics. I've read her blog and was so impressed with her practical ideas. I especially loved her ideas for pulling together a holiday meal. Simple but still elegant!!! A couple of months before my daughter's high school graduation I decided that I needed a scrap book pulled together. I called Melissa and she was so great. She guided me along, supported me through all the decisions, shopped with me for the perfect accessories and then created two fabulous albums. She delivered them wrapped in a beautiful bow with a journaling pen attached. Her fee for all of this was very fair.

She's smart, kind and always eager to get the job done. I highly recommend her for any project you need to get done.


Melissa's help was immeasurable! Our playroom has never looked better. For months, I have been putting off what we finished in just four hours! We had a blast, but never stopped working. Melissa has absolutely found her niche. She's not only is a master-organizer, but she helps to create ideas for storing, sorting and displaying.
Kathleen W., Fargo

Melissa has the ‘real-life’ experience of being a mom, and it shows. Her organizing solutions help make busy lives and families run more smoothly. Everything’s better when you’re organized! Thank you, Melissa!”

Kate Mund, mom of Bobby (2 years) and Luke (1 month), wife to Paul, and business owner


I recently hired Melissa to organize my basement i.e. closets, storage room and cupboards. The first thing that really stood out was that she makes the client schedule work for her, not the other way around. She wants to complete the project as much as the client looks forward to having it done. She was amazing! She organized my mountain of scrapbooking materials that had been haphazardly put away for months. She organizes in a way that makes ones life "more liveable." She knows what works and what doesn't. Most importantly, she helps make decisions about what to keep and what to part with much easier. She understands that we all have attachments to items that we can't throw away so she finds a way to store them efficiently. I can honestly say that we had fun doing something I was dreading. She has given that part of my house a sense of order and I am so grateful to her. I look forward to working with her again in the very near future!

Diane K.

My husband gave me the most amazing gift … a gift certificate from MS Simplicity! Clutter tends to surround me, so to have a gifted person come to my home in such a fun and friendly way – and more importantly, without judgment – was truly special. I parted with a vast amount of clutter, and in that space, created a room that is functional instead of a gathering spot for ‘stuff’. I now have a room to call my own that truly reflects my personality. Thank you, Melissa!

Babs Coler