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I enter with no judgment; I leave with no stories. Professional Organizer, Fargo, North Dakota

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About Me
I have a big why for starting my MS. Simplicity business. I have been an attorney since 1993 but really felt dissatisfied. I did some soul searching and decided that a career change was in order for me. I looked at what I enjoyed and what my friends told me I was good at. When I began the career change, I didn’t know there was a whole industry of professional organizers, I just started reading books and doing hands on organization for my friends. With the career change I heard from a lot of shocked friends who could not understand why I would give up a career as an attorney and start something so opposite. These people could not understand how I could go to years and years of school and then do something so opposite as to become an organizer. The reason is simple, I had to be me and I had to be happy and I had to live my passion. I will say that my family and my core group of friends got it. They knew that in order to be happy, I needed to live my passion.

My passion is helping other people grow and develop their own entrepreneurial spirit and become financially independent. I am setting an example for my three children that they too can follow their dreams and do what they love.

I LOVE the feeling when I leave my client’s homes in a state of organization. I see their shoulders drop and the stress levels go down. They tell me that their health will improve because they can now cook and eat in their kitchen as a family.

I LOVE knowing that I am improving the lives of my clients in more ways than just having an organized home. I am helping them to find ways to spend more time with the people they love.

I LOVE helping women grow their own businesses. I am passionate about helping women figure out new income sources that works for their life and their schedule. Not everyone enjoys marketing, branding, website development, writing and social media. I have discovered great joy in combining my knowledge of marketing with running a successful professional organizing business. Not everyone has $10,000 to get everything ready to launch a new professional organizing business. Not everyone has the ability to quit a full time job in order to start a career as an organizer. Becoming a MS. Simplicity consultant will give you the tools that you need to get your business started for around $1,500 (cost of website, marketing materials, monthly newsletter plus obtaining insurance coverage and cost of NAPO membership).

Want to read more about me? Read on.
My love of organizing did not begin at a young age...just ask my mother as to how messy my room was a teenager. But what I was surrounded with was peace and order (until my sisters were born) and I took that into my own home when I got married in 1990. I now alphabetize my spices just like my mom does. Oh and I should probably mention that I married the most patient man in the world who craves order as much as I do. I must confess that the quest for order is always evolving....I do have my secret stashes of clutter....which my husband reminds me of.
My professional background is as a lawyer since 1993, which was also the year I became a mother. I have focused the past 17 years on being a mother of now three very busy boys and trying to find a system to balance my work life, volunteer life, and family life to make time for what is the most important....time with my family.
I began my business in 2007 with the idea to help my clients find more time in their lives by becoming more organized. I have now taken my eye for attention to detail as a lawyer and turned it into a business specializing in home and office organization as well as large event planning in the Fargo, ND and surrounding areas. I have discovered that my genius is "creating order" and I need to share that genius with others and help them create order in their lives. In May 2010 I joined the company Clever Container which is a business dedicated to providing great organizing products for the home, office, car and family. I would love to help you learn more about this up and coming company. In June of 2011 I started my MS. Simplicity consultant businesswhich helps women create their vision of becoming a Professional Organizer. See if you or anyone you know would be a good fit by reading here about what type of person I am looking for.
It is my goal to help my clients create and maintain a system of organizing that works for each individual person. I work together with the client to create the organized and relaxing home or business that they have been dreaming of.
I love to write and you can often find me giving tips and tricks on my two blogs called I Did it with MS. Simplicity and 365 Clever Cookbooks. You will also find some of these postings on line with local newspapers.
In front of people sharing my mission on organizing is great fun for me. Please contact me if you need an event speaker or are in need of training for a group of employees, friends or members of an organization.
To Joyful, Simplified Living,
MS. Simplicity
Melissa Schmalenberger
 I enter with no judgment
I leave with no stories